I have been interpreting for committees and competitors in the Melbourne Osaka Cup for over 20 years. I don't usually consider myself an interpreter; I haven't trained to gain the skills required. However, in certain areas, such as yachting and embroidery, I am confident in my abilities to get the correct message across to the satisfaction of both parties. These pictures were taken as I was interpreting and taking the role of MC for the Official Presentation Ceremony at Osaka Tenmangu in May 2018. 



The Quick Guide to Traditional Japanese Arts and Handicrafts


The Quick Guide to Traditional Japanese Arts and Handicrafts


This book aims to provide readers with a brief history and description of Japanese arts and handicrafts expertly made by artisans and how they fit into daily life. The English is intended to be simple to aid students who may be travelling on their first trip overseas. It is also intended to be accessible to non-Japanese who may have little knowledge of Japanese history. The text does not use Nara period or Heian period but 8th century or 11th century. I hope that readers will use it as a starting point to investigate particular arts they are attracted to. 

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第1部 衣・食・住にまつわる日本文化と伝統工芸品

第2部 芸能・美術工芸・武芸にまつわる日本文化伝統工芸品

第3部 宗教・祭り事にまつわる日本文化と伝統工芸品