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"英語で" あなたの言葉に息を吹き込むために共に作り上げていくことで、新しい何かを見出し、私自身の日本やその豊かな文化についての知識を取り入れていくことは、更なる私の喜びとなることでしょう。日本に住みながら日々発見していることをブログでつづっています。

After studying languages and linguistics at Monash University I caught the travel bug and came to Japan. I immediately fell in love with the culture, the people and the man who would become my husband. Once I married I became the wife of the eldest son in a farming family. Tradition. Tradition. Tradition. 

I'm a passionate learner, an avid reader and people describe me as a go-getter. Not a day goes by when I do not learn something new. I bring this passion for discovery to every project I work on.

You might wonder how I have time to be a mother (of two teenagers), heavily involved in the community in which we live and able to pursue my personal interests of sailing and embroidery as well as wearing and making kimono. My days are full but I start each one with a walk in the park with our Tohoku rescue-dog, Xyris. 

Life has been good to me. It would be my pleasure to discover something new and add to my personal knowledge of Japan and her rich culture by working together with you to bring your words to life - in English. 

If you'd like to read more about my personal discoveries in Japan please read my blog. 


Professional Qualifications & Experience

職業: 翻訳

1991 ドイツ語、言語学と心理学を専攻してオーストラリアのモナシュ大学を卒業

1991 Bachelor of Arts majoring in German and Linguistics from Monash University Australia

2003 イギリス国立シェフィールド大学の修士課程取得

2003 Master of Arts majoring in Advanced Japanese Studies from The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.


日本語能力試験 レベル1 JLPT Level 1 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test 


2018 - book published by Maruzen, co-written by Catherine Nakamichi

2017~ Membership Director for FEW (Foreign Executive Women, Kansai)

2015 - PROJECT Kyoto 2015 Organizing Committee Chair

2013 - IJET 24 Organizing Committee Vice-Chair

2010 and 2011 - JAT Director

2009 - PROJECT Osaka Organizing Committee Chair 

2008~  JAT Activities Kansai Activities Team Chair (Japan Association of Translators, 日本翻訳者協会